The Children Still Love the Sandscapes

When I set up my new space at Hidden Treasures, I asked the manager Junior if it would be OK to contribute a large zen garden to be strategically placed near the entrance where people could “feel free to play in the sand!” Of course it would be a great way to steer interested people to my display down the aisle.

Apparently, as soon as it was up, the child of one of the vendors began to pick up the rake to play. Once again, I realized that the children always seem to know what to do with the little gardens. Unlike some adults who walk away from my display, scratching their heads saying “what the heck were those things!”

Below, this young gal is having fun, playing in the sand.



Sandscaper in the City of Lancaster PA

Beginning Nov 1 2015, I am pleased to announce that Sandscaper will be selling the zen gardens and other Sandscape related handcrafted items and vintage and collectible finds, at the Hidden Treasures Antique and Collectible Shop. Located in an old converted factory in the heart of the City of Lancaster, PA, Sandscaper will be  a part of this cooperative venue of about 40 vendors. The address is 227 North Prince Street, across the street from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Stop by if you are in town.

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The Music Festival Experience

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The weekend at the Gentlemen of the Road Festival in Seaside Heights New Jersey, has come to an end, and I must admit that three consecutive days of staying up til 1:30 am, while trying to do business as a craft vendor was very exhausting. From a business standpoint, it would have been nice if the weather would have cooperated for the entire time, allowing more people to be out and about, but Saturday turned out to be a great day, and business was OK.  There were thousands of people in attendance, and no problems or issues. It was like a 21 st century Woodstock. We had a great time!

The young people love the sandscapes!



The young folks love the sandscape/zen gardens and know exactly what to do. While their Mom was looking at the offerings on the next table at the flea market, the three siblings were enjoying playing in the sand. When Mom was done, I asked for her permission to get a picture of her kids, which she graciously agreed to. Notice how the little guy was “working both ends!”

Other containers to create a sandscape

I have shared that I like to repurpose picture frames into my sandscape/zen gardens, but there are so many other possibilities. I found this wooden, one of a kind container at a Ross store in Florida. The marking on the bottom said it was handcrafted in the Phillipines. I knew right away it had sandscape potential.


Route 70 Flea Market Lakewood NJ 4/18/15


Well, I was back at the flea market today and the weather was beautiful. The crowds were good too. For those of you who purchased a sandscape zen garden from me, I want to say thanks again. For those who had compliments and kind words, thanks to you as well.

I continue to enjoy watching the reaction of the people to the zen gardens. There was the woman today who stopped to look, stared for a few moments, and then looked at me and said “I give up, what is it!?” When I told her it was a zen garden and some people like them for stress reduction and relaxation, her response was “wine does the same thing!”  It’s a coincidence that a short time later, a gentlemen referred to his stress reduction/relaxation as “a bottle of Jack and a cigarette.” I chose not to respond to him, remembering that I am, in fact, a retired drug and alcohol counselor.

I also loved the elderly couple (ok, I’m retired and elderly, but that’s besides the point) who stopped for a moment, stared at the little zen gardens, and the woman turns to the man and says “George, I can’t believe what people sell.” Once again, no comment from me!


Back to the Route 70 Flea Market

First, I want to thank everyone who purchased a sandscape from me today at the Lakewood, NJ flea market and I also want to thank everyone who complimented my craft, especially the gentleman who “suggested I go on Shark Tank!” 

Anyway, what also interests me is some of the “not so flattering comments” like the man who stopped at my table, stared at the zen gardens, and said “you sell sand and rocks?” It’s ironic that when you look around at the open space of the flea market, what do you see on the ground? Yes, sand and rocks. 

Then there was the man who bent down right next to a zen garden to have a closer look, and slowly tipped the thing on its side allowing a slow motion cascade of sand to escape onto the table. I don’t know what he was thinking. And there was the woman who came over and started “poking her finger in the sand quite a few times.” The look on her face as she walked away was, shall I say “priceless!”

What I enjoy the most though, is the number of young kids, from 5 yrs old and up who genuinely appear to appreciate the zen gardens for what they are; to take the rake and make a design in the sand. One young lady said, “I’m  going to ask my mother if I can get one of these!” Thanks, kids !!