Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ready to return to NJ from FL

I can’t really say I missed the Northeast during this historically brutal winter, but it’s almost time to return home to New Jersey, and start thinking again about making more sandscapes and returning to the craft fairs.

Being on the beach in Ft Lauderdale has been an inspiration for me, and I found myself on many occasions creating a sandcape scene on the beach as I soaked in the rays of sunshine. Using only materials I picked up on the beach, including shells, stones and pieces of palm trees, several people were kind enough to stop to look and compliment. Thanks, guys! One woman who was walking on the beach actually came back to me with an offering to add to my sandscape, which I greatfully accepted.

Another day I watched a young girl, couldn’t have been more than 6, walking along the beach, collecting sticks to create her own sandscape design. When it was time for me to leave the beach, I removed some of the treasures in my design, and walked over to give them to her father, to give to her to add to her design, which I have to say, was very good. How ironic, here I am, a retired man with a love and appreciation of mother nature’s treasures, having something in common with a six year old. I complimented her and her father for her creativity. They were so pleased.

I also found something to add to my offerings at the craft fairs. There is a tropical plant down here that grows abundantly along the coastal beaches commonly known as a sea grape. It has strong, thick, leathery leaves with great lines in the veins of the leaf, looking almost tree-like. On my morning walks, I looked for intact leaves that had recently fallen from the trees, and draw little leaves along the lines of the leaf, color them in, and then frame the end result. I can’t wait to put some of them out on my display.

I met some great people who were so complimentary of those leaves, while I was sitting on the beach, or outdoors at a Starbucks while I was creating them. Thanks guys! I was really thrilled to get the compliments, so I gave many away.

The woman who gave me something to add to my sandscape got one. So did the little girl and her father. And so did the young lady from upstate NY, who asked me to take a picture of her and her husband on the beach.

Gotta love all those treasures, on the beaches, on the trees, in the ocean, everywhere, free for the taking to do something wonderful!

Regards, Sandscaper Andy