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Mother Nature’s Treasures



I really believe this! That’s why I enjoy walking along the seashore or in the country, always looking for some of mother nature’s treasures that I can incorporate into my sandscape garden creations. On my last trip to Florida this past winter, I came back with a tub full of seashells, stones and driftwood collected on the beaches. 

Sand Therapy

My good friend Barbara A is an elementary school principal and a recipient of a sandscape from me as a holiday present this past season. Barbara took it to school and placed it on the conference table in her office and realized that both her students, called to the principal’s office for various reasons, and her colleagues, were interested in picking up that rake to play in the sand. She shared with me a conversation she had with a co-worker regarding the power of “Sandplay Therapy.”

The concept involves giving a child, or an adult, the opportunity to express themselves using assorted figures and a sandbox. The end result is then analyzed by a qualified therapist. It is also referred to as “Sand Tray Therapy.”

There is much information available on the web about the subject, as well as sites that specialize in selling the sandboxes and assorted figures, toys and objects to practice this therapy.

As I have learned about this kind of therapy, I am not surprised why many people have been interested in my display at the craft fairs, and automatically pick up the rake, which I always encourage, to play in the sand.

Regards, Sandscaper Andy (

Photos to Share

I like to incorporate photographs and various other artwork or statues in my display at the craft fairs, most offered for sale and some for decoration. This picture represents a sampling of scenes of nature around a New England home by Lake Livin’ Images ( 

Some of my Sea Grape leaf drawings are included in this picture.image

A Snowscape?

Truthfully, I’d much rather be back on the beach making sandscapes under the palm trees, but I realized that the freshly fallen snow makes a nice “snowscape scene.”