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Several years ago, when I was still working, someone gave me a present of a small mass produced (probably in some foreign land) zen garden. It was simply a small, shallow box that came with a bag of sand, a couple of stones, and a plastic rake also obviously mass produced.

I set it up in my office and was quite frankly amazed at how many people came in, sat down and were immediately drawn to pick up the rake and start “playing in the sand.”

My career had been working at a mental health facility, and I soon began to take the zen garden into certain group therapies that I facilitated, and once again was observant of the number of people who were drawn to pick up that rake.

A seed of an idea was planted in my creative mind that one day, in my retirement, I would begin to make what I like to refer to as tabletop sandscape gardens and sell them at craft fairs.

Well, retirement came this year, 2014 and was born.