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Route 70 Flea Market Lakewood NJ 4/18/15


Well, I was back at the flea market today and the weather was beautiful. The crowds were good too. For those of you who purchased a sandscape zen garden from me, I want to say thanks again. For those who had compliments and kind words, thanks to you as well.

I continue to enjoy watching the reaction of the people to the zen gardens. There was the woman today who stopped to look, stared for a few moments, and then looked at me and said “I give up, what is it!?” When I told her it was a zen garden and some people like them for stress reduction and relaxation, her response was “wine does the same thing!” ┬áIt’s a coincidence that a short time later, a gentlemen referred to his stress reduction/relaxation as “a bottle of Jack and a cigarette.” I chose not to respond to him, remembering that I am, in fact, a retired drug and alcohol counselor.

I also loved the elderly couple (ok, I’m retired and elderly, but that’s besides the point) who stopped for a moment, stared at the little zen gardens, and the woman turns to the man and says “George, I can’t believe what people sell.” Once again, no comment from me!